DNA Production Services

Experts in DNA Engineering

Rapid Turnaround

From nanogram to milligram scale

Endotoxin Free

Endotoxin Free

Competitive Pricing

• DNA consulting and design services

• DNA fragment synthesis

Molecular cloning services

• Construction of clonal constructs or libraries

Scale-up of plasmid DNA (nanogram to milligram scale)

Plasmid QC services (concentration, purity, endotoxin, supercoil analysis, HCP contamination)

DNA sequencing (Sanger, short read NGS, long read NGS)

Bioinformatic analysis

Most DNA manufacturers shy away from custom or complex DNA cloning work, forcing biotech companies to build their own molecular biology teams to perform these activities, diverting valuable resources from their primary missions.

• Large plasmids >10 kb

• Plasmids for any application: protein expression, RNA therapies, cell & gene therapies, and more!

DNA with complex sequences ITRs, UTRs, high GC content, polyA tails

• DNA constructs that are toxic to E. coli

DNA libraries