Our power comes from our people.

Pankaj Khanna, M.Sc.

Co-founder & CEO

Pankaj Khanna

Pankaj Khanna is a business leader and process development & scale-up expert with 15+ years of experience in the biotech industry. He has worked for many biotech companies with increasing level of responsibility. Pankaj has been involved in technology development, scale-up and commercialization of multiple products in vaccines, mABs & human plasma domain.

Todd Morgan, M.Sc.

Co-founder & Sr. VP, Strategy

Todd Morgan

Todd Morgan is biotech/pharma career professional with 33 years’ experience in the industry. His technical experience includes bioprocess development, scale-up, commercial implementation, and design/construction of biotech/pharma processes and facilities.

Konstantin Rodionov

Co-founder & CFO

Konstantin Rodionov

Konstantin Rodionov is seasoned professional, with over 15 years of diverse business management and operations experience. The entrepreneurial-minded Konstantin is a recognized expert in business processes, financial controls and operations management. He has worked with multiple start-up companies in diverse industries.

Santhosh Kallivalippal, PhD

Co-founder & Exec Director (R&D)

Santhosh Kallivalappil

An expert cell and gene therapy with more than 21 years of experience in cell & gene therapy, gene editing in vitro and in vivo models, regenerative medicine, mRNA design & synthesis, nanoparticle mediated delivery of protein and nucleic acids & molecular biology.

Matthew Weinstock, PhD


Matthew Weinstock

Matthew Weinstock, PhD, is an accomplished biotech executive with experience working in both start-up and growth-stage companies. His technical expertise spans protein engineering, drug discovery, advanced biomanufacturing, and synthetic biology. His efforts have led to successfully commercialized technologies or partnerships with top-10 pharma companies.

John Scott

VP, Business Development

John Scott

A business leader with 28 years experience in medical device and biotechnology markets. John has worked in a number of roles in his career and for the last 17 years has been in sales and marketing with increasing levels of management responsibility.

Antony Hitchcock

Antony Hitchcock

Tony has over 39 years’ experience in the development of manufacturing process and production of investigational biotherapeutics, including the development of platform production processes for plasmid DNA, which has been used to produce plasmid DNA for a multiple direct and vector-based therapies.

Jeffery C. Baker PhD

Jeffery C. Baker PhD

Dr. Baker holds a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University, doctorate in biochemistry from the University of North Texas, and pursued post-doctoral studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Baker has received awards and citations within the FDA for leadership of projects and programs on an breadth of topics and in 2018 received an FDA Honors Award.

Howard L. Levine PhD

Howard L. Levine PhD

Biopharmaceutical executive with over 40 years of experience in biopharmaceutical product development and commercialization. Dr. Levine has assisted in developing biological products, provided strategic input in the development of new manufacturing technologies, and participated in the successful commercialization of many products.