NBx Platform™

The NBx Platform™ is a proprietary, high-fidelity, microbial system optimized for the production of plasmid DNA.

Time to say goodbye to E. coli?

With faster growth rates and higher plasmid productivities than E. coli strains, the NBx Platform™ addresses common pain points in the growing global demand for plasmid DNA for RNA therapeutics, high throughput gene production and development, vaccines, and cell and gene therapy applications.
Up to 20X Higher Yield

Half the Time

Higher Quality than E. coli

Lower Endotoxin than E. coli

Fully compatible with E. coli infrastructure

Scalable to Large Scale pDNA Production

Our Clients
Our Early Access Program (EAP) provides you with a deeper look into the data supporting NBx Platform™ technology and quick access to this drop-in compatible system in the form of competent cells and media. The process for participating in our EAP is as follows:

High Throughput Production

Medium to Large Scale Production

Our Partners
Use common DNA transformation methods

Electroporation or chemical

Select with common antibiotic resistance markers

Kanamycin, Ampicilin, Chloramphenicol, Tetracycline, Spectinomycin

Grow plasmids with common replication origins

pUC, pMB1, p15a, RSF1010, RK2

Use our proprietary media formulations

Application specific, chemically defined and rich

Efficient isolation of high-quality plasmid DNA

Use standard alkaline lysis methods

No specialized manufacturing equipment

Use standard USP & DSP equipment

Handle complex sequences with higer success

>10K bp, ITR, toxic constructs

Safer than E. coli

BSL-1 organism with significantly lower endotoxins

The NBx Platform™ strain is considered a safe bacterium, not associated with disease in healthy adult humans and like E. coli, requires Biosafety Level 1 containment.

Yes, inducing cell competence can be achieved by electroporation or chemical methods.

All most common plasmid replication origins can be utilized, including those from pUC, pMB1, p15a, RSF1010, RK2.

All most common plasmid selection markers can be used, including Kanamycin, Ampicillin, Chloramphenicol, Tetracycline, or Spectinomycin.

Yes, the NBx Platform™ uses proprietary, application specific media. 

Yes, standard alkaline lysis methods can be used.

No, the strain can be handled and cultivated in standard USP and DSP equipment.